A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Poo Party 1 is a multiplayer arena poo party game with variable controls and goals in which you'll play as a funny animal inspired by contemporary mitological icons.

All animals, in particular the pixel art ones, love food but they love most poop and is exactly this the goal of a poo party!

Become the king of the party eating and pooping!!!

Prevail over your opponents in a fool arena where anything can happen!


Player 1

Up: UP

Left: LEFT

Right: RIGHT

Down: DOWN

Poo: 0 (Numpad)

Player 2

Up: W

Left: A

Right: S

Down: D

Poo: left shift

Player 3

Up: I

Left: J

Right: K

Down: L

Poo: space

Player 4

Up: 8 (Numpad)

Left: 4 (Numpad)

Right: 5 (Numpad)

Down: 6 (Numpad)

Poo: enter (Numpad)


I am constipated -> poop to score points

I have a bellyache -> if you poop you loose points

my belly is ok -> no points are awarded or lost for pooping

I am full -> if you eat you loose points

aren't you hungry? -> eat to score points

End of the food mode -> no points are awarded or lost for eating

Poo is bad -> if you pass on a poo you loose points

Clean the poo -> pass on a poo to score points

poo mode off -> no points are awarded or lost for passing on poo


The programmer is a n00b and the game may result in abnormal situations

Follows a list of WELL known bugs:

- movement-evacuation dissociation

- unexpected controls exchange

- sudden rotation of camera

- Tab?

- graphical downgrade (the original game graphics is photorealistic)


Created by Luca Andrea Raho

Thanks to Alberto Tiribelli

Font by Zaydek MG


Windows 32 bit 11 MB
Windows 64 bit 12 MB
Mac OS 20 MB
Linux 20 MB